You'll need to know whether or not your website is working for you. With integrated analytics... we can give you the full picture.

Whether your website is for business, school or community, you need to be able to measure it's success. You'll have invested time and money into getting your website live, so it only stands to sense that you need to see just how it's performing.

All of our websites at EGE come with integrated Google Analytics. The data collected behind the scenes give you a complete picture of how your site is doing and more importantly, where you could improve!

Some of the things we can tell you....

Audience Overview

You can run this report between any 2 dates to see how many visits (sessions) you've had. You can see how many hits are there, but perhaps more importantly, how many unique individual people (users) made those visits.

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Other really important measures here are:

  • Bounce Rate - the % of people who hit your site and then leave without reading further
  • Average session duration - if this is short, your content isn't engaging the reader. They're moving on too fast!
  • New v's returning - this figure and pie chart quickly shows how much repeat business you're getting


Judging your content

Its vitally important to see what parts of your website are working for you - and what parts are not. You will be able to easily see this using our individual page reports. These rank your pages and also tell you the average time people are spending on each page. It's a great way of getting a feel for where you need to work at your content to engage your visitors better.

Things to look for:

  • Average time spent on each page
  • Entrance pages - which pages people are landing on first on your site
  • Bounce rates per page - which pages make your visitors leave!
  • User flow - what path do people take through your site? This gives you another great insight into the bits that are working for you.


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Where are my visitors from?

All of your website visits are logged by their location. You can easily see your popularity by region using the overview map. The darker the colour, the more visits. Again, you can look at this for any date range and drill down into the results to see exactly where these people are from.

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Seeing what devices your visitors are using

All of our latest websites are 'responsive'. This means that the website shapes itself dynamically to best fit the device being used. If your visitors are on a desktop PC or Mac, they'll get the full width experience. Smartphone and tablet users won't want to be scrolling side to side as well as up and down - so for them, we change into a single column format. This allows easy scrolling on the vertical axis only. We also place a mobile/touch menu on the site, rather than the traditional drop down style.

Its therefore really important that you keep an eye to the types of devices that your visitors are using:

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Hopefully this has given you a quick overview of just how well you can judge the success of your website. With our integrated analytics, you will be able to see:

  • How many visits you are getting
  • Where your visitors are from
  • How they found you
  • What pages are working for you
  • What pages are not
  • How long people are spending on each area of your site
  • The ratio of new v's returning visitors
  • What devices and technologies are being used