EGE Web Design is a family business, run by John Egerton in the village of Waringstown, Northern Ireland.

I graduated from the University of Ulster with a degree in Business Studies and then went on to study Computing and Information Systems at postgraduate level. Since the year 2000 I've been a software developer and systems analyst by day. Web design was something I enjoyed doing during my spare time, along with photography.

I built my first website back in September 1995 for a local church. Internet access back then was via a local rate phone call to Edinburgh. It cost a fortune and was extremely slow! A couple of years later, that website was on its 3rd rebuild and the church was broadcasting its services worldwide over the internet. No better way to learn than the deep end.

In 2011, I decided to turn my hobby into a home business, and launched EGE Web Design. 

Being run from home puts our business in a strong position to help other small businesses get started. We have relatively low overheads and can therefore offer an affordable, but top class service for small businesses, schools, community groups and charities. We know how difficult it is to get off the ground, and so we aim to help gather your ideas and steer you along your path. Whilst building your new website, you'll end up looking around you at your competitors. You'll have to think about your branding, your identity, your target markets. In doing this, we'll come up with logo ideas and imaging for your website - but you'll also get copies of these to start making your stationery. Social media is something you may love or loathe... but you can't ignore it as a way to do business. So, along the way, we'll advise you on how to set up your Facebook business pages to reach a bigger audience. 

We get a buzz from knowing that you are as proud of your new website as we are. The great thing about modern CMS (content management system) websites is that they are flexible. We can start out with your idea and shape it as it evolves. Nothing is set in stone and once it goes live, the hard job of making it work for you has only begun. 

Hopefully you'll see more of what we do on our portfolio pages which are there to showcase the types of site that we have done so far. Our advice is free - so if you have any questions at all, please do get in touch and we'll be happy to chat through what you need, and discuss how we can give you a hand.